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As Dynasty Rug, the main purpose of customer satisfaction system, is to ensure and enhance the Customer Satisfaction. In doing so, we will always be fair, objective and transparent, in order to resolve customer requests and complaints. We also accept and commit the followings:

– Accept complaints as a gift given to us, ensuring with the integration of our systems, processes and permanent improvements,

– Provide the customer requests and compliants to be informed us easily, and in a short time period as possible,

– Comply with the customer expectations and legislation (Law on Consumer Rights Protection, Ministry of Industry and Trade Regulations etc. legislation) while creating policies and objectives in the process of handling requests and consider of employees’ view, – Enhance the efficiency of the Customer requests and complaints management process, regularly and continuously improvement,

– Contribute the participation, sharing, creativity of employees, to prepare the necessary incentive conditions in which they can be declared and developped themselves,

Dynasty Carpet , business model and capabilities — complete vertical integration combined with a large capacity and specifications offering, trendsetting design and color options, best price,good and top-quality production designers and engineers from across the world — give us a global competitive edge and allow us the flexibility and expertise to provide precisely what our clients desire.